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#7 of 100 Best of the U.S.
Arriving on a rectangular tray like the one at Frank Pepe's the pizza has an incredibly thin crust, about the width of a tortilla... the toppings are fresh and bursting with flavor.

100+ Can't Miss Pizzerias A Coast to Coast Guide - Popular Plates Pizza Magazine

There have been quite a few super-thin-crust pizzas on Slice, but I found the thinnest of them all. The Corner Grille in Worcester, Massachusetts, is rolling out transparent sheets of dough for its ultra-skinny pies.
The rounds of tomato make for a sweet divergence from the herb-savory pie; especially surprising given this isn't the best season for getting sliced tomato on pizza. For cheese, The Corner Grille uses shredded mozzarella mixed with smoked gouda. The smokiness was imperceptible, but the blend did have a complexity and depth of flavor unattainable with mozzarella alone. Speaking of cheese, the main attraction of the rectangular slabs is the crisp cheese rim that replaces the missing end crust. They should really consider making smaller squares to maximize the edge-to-interior ratio.

Daily Slice - SeriousEats.com

The Phantom Gourmet heads to The Corner Grille in Worcester for some of the thinnest, tastiest and most affordable pizza around.

Phantom Gourmet 2010

The Phantom Gourmet counts down the 8 greatest pizzerias in New England, including the ultra-thin crust pies from Corner Grille in Worcester.

Phantom Gourmet - 8 Greatest Pizzas in New England 2012

Corner Grille has the thinnest, crispiest crust in pizzeria history. Some of their crazy creations include the eye-poppingly different Caesar Salad Pie with chicken and the blatantly bonkers Baked Potato Pizza with caramelized onions and bacon. And you'll think there has to be a full moon when you order the Harvest Moon pizza topped with roasted butternut squash, sausage, toasted pumpkin seeds and brown butter.

AAA Horizons Magazine

Meet the Chef: Raena Heppenstall
Raena Heppenstall has been the proprietor of the Corner Grille in Worcester for the past 20 years. During those years, Heppenstall has “brought unique twists and flavor profiles to her little eatery at 806 Pleasant St.”

From thinner than thin crust pizza pies to dishes influenced by her Greek YiaYia (grandmother) Helen Litsas, the Corner Grille menu is a reflection of the owner’s “creative skills, heritage and love of food.”

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Best of Worcester - Pizza
When Raena Heppenstall opened the Corner Grille in 1998, she turned a tiny corner space into a bright and quirky destination for delicious sandwiches, salads and homemade baked goods. Soon after came the pizza, an ultra-thin crust with a secret high-end cheese blend and inventive toppings that immediately captured the city's taste buds.

Worcester Living 2010

foodies of new england corner grille
foodies of new england corner grille

Foodies of New England

Raves all around for thin-crust pizza pies...
Pizzas are "are-you-kidding-me?" tasty.

Telegram and Gazette

College students and business lunchers around Worcester have known about the delicious find that is Sweet Basil Jane's at the Corner Grille for some time, but more people are discovering this cute little restaurant, deli, bakeshop... with friendly service and unusual treats.

Worcester Magazine 2010

When you don't want your average pizza, Corner Grille is where you go. Unlike typical pizza joints, Corner Grille does not have a traditional "namesake" pizza, but rather a collection of eclectic pies that are all a little different than what you'd find elsewhere... If you're looking for real specialty pizzas and food that is a slice above the rest, definitely find your way to Corner Grille!
Food: ***** Atmosphere:**** Service: **** Value: ***1/2

Worcester Magazine 2011